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For your convenience, we can provide a regularly-scheduled residential cleaning service for your home. By hiring Chicken Little Cleaning Services, you will know that your home will be in good hands after you leave for the day. You can rest easy knowing that when you return in the evening, all the cleaning will have been taken care of by our professional cleaning team. We are more than happy to take some of the house cleaning off your hands. Our company will assure you of a stress-free home life so that you can get your daily tasks done without worrying about coming home with more added work to do. After a long day, you deserve to sit back and relax. Our home cleaning service will make your home sparkling clean. We offer a range of residential cleaning services for all your cleaning needs, including apartment cleaning for your apartments and condominiums. Whether you’re moving out, a current resident who needs cleaning, or a property owner who needs to clean between tenants, we’ve got you covered. We’re here to make life easier for you. Our move-out cleaning service will clean up behind you after you move, taking care of the loose ends so that you can focus on your next stage of life. Contact us in the Cypress, CA area today when you need a reliable and efficient cleaning service that you can count on.